Sunday, 12 February 2012

Another World...

Remember I said I occasionally take a stroll off the beaten path?  Well this post is a small detour, just a quick little insight as to where the name for this blog came from.

Way back in 1991, a game called "Another World" was developed by a man named Eric Chahi.  It was one of the first games I played on my Amiga 500 (remember those?) and is still amongst my favourite games today.

It was a game with innovative design, a fabulously rendered alien world and a compelling story (not that there was any real  narration mind you!).

It opens with your character performing an experiment with a particle accelerator, which goes awry when the installation is hit by lightning, sending you into what I assume is another dimension.  You're thrown in at the deep end, literally - the first screen in the game involves you falling/appearing in a deep pool of some description.  The first time I played it I didn't realise the game had actually started until I was killed by the creature at the bottom of the lake!

Here are a few screenshots for you, hopefully you can get something out of it as I do (I've got a Mawe from Hasslefree crying out to be painted up as the beast from the background!) and I fully encourage you to find the game online to try out, there are a few places you can download the demo and can still purchase from certain sources (none of which I can seem to recall at the moment).

The box art:

The pool (with the Beast in the background):

The Beast:

And finally, a link to a deviantart image by Orioto:

I haven't asked permission to post the image but hope you visit Orioto's page as it's definitely worth a view.

Until next time, hope you enjoy!

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