Saturday, 25 February 2012

Out of the darkness...

Just a quick update today, a Light Essence user for Blasters and Bulkheads (a shameless copy of a conversion that I saw on another blog - will mention it in comments if I find it again!) and a few troopers.

First up, two shots of my Essence User:

Another view:

Next up, some troopers.  I've done them in the same style as my Blasters and Bulkheads Rebellion Officers but they could just as easily be used for Vault-Dwellers or a security squad for use with Alien/s.

Trooper 1:

Trooper 2:

Trooper 3:

All minis are from GZG this time around, I've got a few Fallout type minis partially done, just need to choose a tidy paint scheme for them and I'll post them in the next day or two.

Thanks for looking, as always comments are welcome!


  1. I think you mean this:

    1. That would be the very one, thanks Tamsin! They say imitation is the best form of flattery and I think the closet gamer had a brilliant idea!

      Well worth checking out the rest of that blog as well - some really good stuff on there.

  2. I like these a lots, when I get round to 15mm star wars (at least a year off) I'll use some of these figs.