Saturday, 11 February 2012

Testing, testing...

Here they are, my first ever 15mm minis - be nice, I'm usually used to painting 28mm and I've got shaky hands from too much caffeine, so that fact that these actually look anything like they are supposed to is a miracle!

First up, we have a human civilian supplied by GZG, this one is intended for use with Blasters & Bulkheads (not-StarWars) as an Imperial Officer.  I understand that faces have always been a bit of a weakness for me but painting in 15mm seems to have made that issue even more obvious!  Any comments on how to improve would be welcome!

Imperial Officer:

Next up, more a colour test than anything else, is a Rebel Officer, again based on a civilian by GZG.

Rebel Officer:

Again by GZG is a very slightly converted civilian to be used as a Dark Essence user...

Now we move on to my Alien/s based minis, I have to say that the minis here, both the space-suited ones from GZG and Khurasan's excellent Space Demons are superbly sculpted, they'd be brilliant for 28mm and how they can get the detail that they do into 15mm astounds me.  So, without further ado:

Space-suited human:

Space Demon:

So there we have it, the test miniatures for 15mm...  I've already realised that I need to thin my flesh-coloured paint for the faces and that I need to use more contrast between the colours, lighter highlights etc.

I have to apologise for the quality of the photos - left it a bit late to take them and have a rubbish light - need to take better ones next time!

Anyway, until next time, hope you enjoy and thanks in advance!


  1. Great minis! Good start.
    But is it possible to use better lighted area for making photo? :) :) :)
    Again: good start! I'll be following your blog!

  2. I'll get the lighting sorted shortly - meant to do it earlier in the day to get natural light, left it too late though! Thanks for looking!

  3. Yep, one of things you'll quickly learn about 15mm is that bright contrasting colors actually work. :) The spacesuit looks good - did you use a wash on it or was it drybrushed?

    Washes are your friend when painting 15mm faces. If you have a heavier wash (like Citadel Ogryn Flesh) - you'll get amazing results applying it right out of the bottle to a plain white face. If you're working from a flesh tone, you'll want to really thin your washes or use something pre-thinned like Wonder Wash.

    1. Cheers Chris, the spacesuit was drybrushed, like I said these are just testers to see what I'll have to do differently in this scale.

      I'll give the Ogryn Flesh over white a try tomorrow, never thought of putting it straight over white, thanks for that!