Monday, 7 May 2012

Hunter's Planet

A few updates today, firstly a 15mm Predator from Khurasan (excellent sculpt by the way).  I've not based him yet as I'm still playing about with Games Workshops new texture paints (more on them later):

I quite like the earthy tones for the predator, about 5 or 6 different shades in all with a wash of Devlan Mud on everything but the armour, Badab Black for that in case you were wondering!

Next up is a walker made from re-purposed Mechwarrior parts:

I've used the cockpit section from a Hawkmoth Gunship as it looks as though it could actually comfortably house a 15mm miniature without too much trouble.

I've tried out two of the texture paints, one is the snowy ground and the other is the concrete (as you can see on the base above).  They're not too bad at all after playing around with them for a bit, although I'd definitely suggest two coats of the paint to get the best effect from it though, along with a drybrush in a slightly lighter colour.  The base above only has a single coat, next coat to be done shortly.

Now for the oddities of this post, two EM-4 plastic Mechs, one painted with the new Games Workshop paints, trying out a selection of the blues as it's always been a colour I've struggled with.  GW's paints have definitely improved since they've redone them, they seem to flow much easier than before and with the expansion in the range there's a lot less mixing that needs to be done (I've always hated mixing paints - lazy I know).

So there's the first test, had to give it a vaguely Battletech paint scheme so went with a Bannson's Raiders one (all blue with some cream sections).

For the next one I went for a rather odd paint scheme, used by Wizkids version of Battletech (Mechwarrior CMG) for the Republic of the Sphere, a knight of the republic:

The idea is that they can be used for multiple scales, as Ed-209 type walkers for 15mm or as true Battlemech's in 6mm.

That's it for now, hope you like them and comments welcome!


  1. Nice paintwork! I particularly like the Predator-I'm still thinking about colour schemes for this mini, but you've done a bang-up job, very nice.

  2. Good job on the Predator, I've painted two of those and converted one, they're great figures! (and I hope KM doesn't get in trouble for selling them!)