Tuesday, 22 May 2012

When there's no more room in Hell...

The dead shall walk the Earth!

Say what you will, Zombies do make good gaming fodder.  There are a fair few manufacturers out there, although as I don't have many Zombies I can't comment on the majority of them.

I don't have any 15mm Zombies, so in order to reduce the shocking amount of things that I need to paint (and I'm getting into my Zombie phase again - you know what I mean) here are some of my 28mm miniatures...

First up are the really controversial ones, Wargames Factory Zombie Horde.  I say controversial but what I really mean is that the majority of people who have seen them think that they are softly sculpted, oddly proportioned tat.  I am not one of those.  I'll agree that they are not up to modern day standards of what can be accomplished with plastics but until another manufacturer comes out with a good, cheap Zombie sprue, I can't find any better for the price.  There are better metal mini's out there but for the amount of figures you'll need for a good sized Zombie game, you will not find a cheaper alternative.  As part of the nameless masses I think they do the job just fine.

What would any good Zombie game be without the survivors?

For 28mm, you will not find better than Hasslefree miniatures.  Kev White is a fantastic sculptor - I cannot fault anything this guy does, in any way.  I only wish my painting skills could do the minis justice, but alas I can only do so much!

Here are the first pair (both Suzi I believe) :

Next up is Baker, I've made him a Baltimore Ravens fan, needed to use purple somewhere (taking these names from the Hasslefree shop by the way):

A slight departure now, from Pig Iron Productions, one of their System Troopers:

Always good for use as clean-up squad members...

Last but not least, my personal favourite of the bunch, from Hasslefree, Suzi again - although this time she's looking a bit worse for wear...

Anyway, hope you like them, as ever comments are welcome!


  1. Good stuff.

    Try Mantic Games for cheap plastic Zombies.

    1. Cheers Gaarew, only problem with the Mantic ones is that they're a bit on the fantasy side, don't know how well they'd fit in a modern Zombie setting.

  2. Well, I've seen them mixed in with the Warlord Games plastic WWII Germans and they look fine, and I've mixed them up myself with some Celts.