Thursday, 28 June 2012


As requested earlier, a couple of comparison shots:

From left to right: Dust Tactics, Mad Robot, Hasslefree, GZG...

Left to right again: Hasslefree, Mad Robot, 3x GZG.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hello again!

One update tonight, another creature for my Harook to hunt, although they may get a bit of a shock if they get too close...

The above and below are a lovely little creature called a Mawe, available from Hasslefree.

I've had this one for about two years and recently (last night) got around to re-basing and re-touching the paint job (which had become a little fractured).

Originally used for my 28mm gaming, I think this will fit in nicely as a massive predator for 15mm.

The photos don't entirely show up the full range of colour used, as you can see below I've attempted to give it a somewhat dappled effect on the top half leading down to more solid colours on the leg sections.

Of all the miniatures I own, the Mawe is probably my favourite.  It just looks mean, with a set of teeth that would put a Great White to shame!

It does remind me a little of Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors though...

Hope you like it, hopefully will have some terrain items ready to go this weekend (if my woodland scenics trees turn up...).

Until next time ;-)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Harook Stormtroopers Part II

Here we go, the second of today's posts, the current batch of Harook.

Still have about thirteen left to paint up but hopefully you can get the general look of them from the shots below.

Group shot:

Seperated shots:

So far, so good.  I'm really happy with the way they are turning out, it's a bit of a faff to get the armour looking like Stormtrooper armour but I think that the more of them I do the easier it's getting.

As they say, practice makes perfect.

The next batch of five are almost ready, just need to finish the armour and bases and they'll be set to go.

The squad leaders will have something on them to denote their seniority, I'm toying with the idea of different coloured beaks rather than the usual shoulder pad colouring - seems as though it would fit better.

Hope you like them, will try to finish them off by next weekend (ready for the upcoming release of the special weapons teams!).

Killer Gorillas...

Two updates tonight, first up are some Dust Tactics miniatures - Axis Gorillas.

As I don't play Dust Tactics, these will not be used for their intended purpose, they are going to be used as a heavy close-combat unit as a foil for my Harook (more on them shortly).  I blame Rise of the planet of the apes.  Came out of the film thinking "I need attack Gorillas".  I know, odd.

But, without further ado, here are the eponymous Gorillas:

Hope you like them, next up: Harook Stormtroopers Part II.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Harook Stormtrooper...

Right, I know I've been harping on about my Harook for some time, really can't get the paint scheme quite as I want it but I think it's as close as I'm going to get.

So, here is my first test, please feel free to give me any tips or pointers as I've said in the past I hate painting white but if I don't try it I'll never get any better with it:

So there we go.

Thanks again for having a look, all comments welcome!

Alien Additions...

Two updates today, firstly some GZG miniatures for my Alien/s gaming:

Deck crew:

Corporate overseer:

Suited up scientists:

Thought I'd try a few different colour schemes for the vac-suits, got a bit bored of green...

Anyway, hope you like them, back for my second update shortly.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Walk tall and carry a big gun...

Yet another post, I might actually be getting back on track here.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of 15mm minis over the last few posts, this is due to the fact I'm having great difficulty in selecting a decent paint scheme for my Harook.  Initially I thought I'd go with bone coloured armour, then changed my mind and tried one out with Stormtrooper white - this is a possibility although I'm going to do a few more test minis before I post them, need to be happy with them before display!

So, in the meantime (as you may have gathered by my last few posts) I've been having a great old time finishing off some of my half done 28mm projects.

First up today is the Sci-fi variant of Ashlee from Hasslefree, to be used as a main character mini with my (many) EM4 Future Wars troopers:

Next up is Harby, which would make an excellent character mini for The Department (a ruleset which I'm very tempted to purchase) as he has a very definite Bladerunner look to him:

I've kept the vaguely military colour scheme so he won't look out of place in most of the settings I (rarely) game in.

That wraps up the posts for tonight, hope you like the minis, as always comments welcome!

P.S. Has anyone actually played the Department and if so, how different is it from Blasters & Bulkheads?

Iron Sky...

Well.  What to say about this little gem.  A relatively low budget film, Iron Sky is just brilliant for gaming fodder, a mix of Weird World War II, Sci-fi and totally off the wall characters.  Julia Dietze as "Renate Richter" in particular is excellent.

I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who fancies a good hour and a bit of escapism, even got me to paint up one of  my Wargames Factory Shock Troopers (which have been waiting for a year or so now):

Until next time!


I suppose we all get those days where something utterly random pops into our heads and we just have to run with it.

I had one of those moments late last year, I had just picked up the newest Mortal Kombat game and thought that it would be a great idea to paint up some minis and try to make a game similar in style to it, the classic old-school beat 'em up.

So, off I go with my head full of ideas, not knowing where to begin or what type of miniatures to use when I began trawling t'interweb for more inspiration.  Many hours later I stumble over suitable minis - Hasslefree Martial Artists.  A few days later they turned up and promptly went into the "I need to paint these soon" pile.

A year later, the first two have finally been painted.  I know, I'm rubbish.  Decided to go more Street Fighter rather than Mortal Kombat in style, simply because SF has that slightly cartoony look to it which means I can play about with the colours a bit.

Still trying to find an appropriate ruleset, maybe a superhero one might work best but that'll be for another day.

First up (apologies for the lighting, yet again I've left it too late for natural light):

And now the other:

Hope you like them, just need to think of the locations now...

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Whenever there's an outbreak, whether viral, undead or alien, they will appear - fully kitted out to deal with the infestation:

A containment team from Khurasan, been meaning to paint these up for some time, finally got around to it!

Second photo is a bit off colour-wise but hopefully you get the right impression.  The yellow I've used is a Vallejo Model Colour Lemon Yellow - the absolute brightest I could find.

I've not used any Vallejo paints before and have to say I'm quite impressed by the coverage and flow, very different to GW paints.

As always, comments welcome and I hope you like them!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Emperor is here...

As stated previously, the Emperor has arrived.

I've tried to go for the hood slightly covering the top part of the face, I think it's turned out pretty much as intended and I've chosen not to go for the "lightsaber out" look as with previous Jedi.

You'll also notice that I've given Games Workshop's texture paint another shot, with a drybrush using one of their Dry paints.  I think they work quite well, although check it out for yourself and let me know.

So here we go:

As always, comments welcome!

The Emperor is coming... here?

Probably my favourite moment of Return of the Jedi is right at the beginning when Vader politely advises Moff Jerjerrod that he'd better get his act together as they have a very special visitor who doesn't like it when things fall behind...

Quite some time ago I finished off my light side master for Blasters & Bulkheads, I'm only now getting around to the dark side equivalent, so without further ado, here are the pre-paint images for the not-Emperor:

Not ground-breaking but hopefully it'll give the desired effect when painted.

Hope to get him painted up tonight, so will post update soon, hope you like it!

Big Stompy Robots...

A couple of updates today, first up are some mechs from Em4:

A slightly modified one - rear portion cut off and legs attached back to front to make it stand up:

And last a mech from Tehnolog - it's pretty hefty, about an assault mech in battletech, still need to finish the base off though:

Hope you enjoy, comments welcome!