Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I suppose we all get those days where something utterly random pops into our heads and we just have to run with it.

I had one of those moments late last year, I had just picked up the newest Mortal Kombat game and thought that it would be a great idea to paint up some minis and try to make a game similar in style to it, the classic old-school beat 'em up.

So, off I go with my head full of ideas, not knowing where to begin or what type of miniatures to use when I began trawling t'interweb for more inspiration.  Many hours later I stumble over suitable minis - Hasslefree Martial Artists.  A few days later they turned up and promptly went into the "I need to paint these soon" pile.

A year later, the first two have finally been painted.  I know, I'm rubbish.  Decided to go more Street Fighter rather than Mortal Kombat in style, simply because SF has that slightly cartoony look to it which means I can play about with the colours a bit.

Still trying to find an appropriate ruleset, maybe a superhero one might work best but that'll be for another day.

First up (apologies for the lighting, yet again I've left it too late for natural light):

And now the other:

Hope you like them, just need to think of the locations now...

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