Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Walk tall and carry a big gun...

Yet another post, I might actually be getting back on track here.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of 15mm minis over the last few posts, this is due to the fact I'm having great difficulty in selecting a decent paint scheme for my Harook.  Initially I thought I'd go with bone coloured armour, then changed my mind and tried one out with Stormtrooper white - this is a possibility although I'm going to do a few more test minis before I post them, need to be happy with them before display!

So, in the meantime (as you may have gathered by my last few posts) I've been having a great old time finishing off some of my half done 28mm projects.

First up today is the Sci-fi variant of Ashlee from Hasslefree, to be used as a main character mini with my (many) EM4 Future Wars troopers:

Next up is Harby, which would make an excellent character mini for The Department (a ruleset which I'm very tempted to purchase) as he has a very definite Bladerunner look to him:

I've kept the vaguely military colour scheme so he won't look out of place in most of the settings I (rarely) game in.

That wraps up the posts for tonight, hope you like the minis, as always comments welcome!

P.S. Has anyone actually played the Department and if so, how different is it from Blasters & Bulkheads?


  1. Nice camo on Ashlee's pants, the whole mini could use more contrast though. And give Harby some eyelids, he looks like a more squinty character than this to me :)

    1. See your point - faces have never been my strong point!

      I think with Ashlee (as with most of my EM4 Troopers) I've not tried to overdo the highlights etc and ended up being a bit too conservative. I'll try more pronounced highlights on an EM4 guy before altering Ashlee, don't mind as much if it goes wrong on them as they are a good bit cheaper than the Hasslefree stuff!

  2. Have just received my paper copy of The Department and it is a very nice looking rule book.

    The Department and Blasters and Bulkheads use a lot of similar mechanics (as you would expect), so if you have played one, you should pick the other up pretty quickly, and it may even be possible to transfer characters from one game to the other with minimal fiddling.

    What defines them is the game atmosphere each evokes. In The Department, you are attempting to gather evidence, both physical and from contacts, to carry through your investigation. If you think of the story path Deckard follows in Blade Runner from the beginning of his investigation, through the mystery of Rachael, to the confrontation with Roy Batty, then that, to me, is the type of game The Department is aiming for. The Officers can't just shoot everyone or Internal Affairs will be all over their butts, so they tend to try and use their skill sets first, and then shoot it out as a last resort.

    On the other hand, Blasters and Bulkheads makes no excuses for being a Space Opera Skirmish Game. If you want to play The Decline and Fall of Anakin Skywalker you can. If you want to play Buck Rogers in the 25th Century or a Lensman story or any of that style of game, you can. It has a very usable skills and talents section, and a great psionic combat section.

    I'm curious how the two might play together - perhaps giving you the tools to play a Shadow Run style game?

    1. Thanks for that Kobold - sounds fantastic! You've just convinced me to pick up a copy, if you combine the two you'd probably get a game like Syndicate (old amiga/PC game)which is right up my street!

      By the way - you're my 3000th view! Thanks for the info and for taking the time to check the blog out!

    2. I used to play a lot of Syndicate, back in the day and, yes, I think The Department has that vibe, even if B & B is more of a combat game.

      The underlying mechanics look like they can be added to relatively easily if you wanted to, say, add different weapon types or effects.

      Hope you enjoy the rules and congrats on 3000 views!