Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bird Food...

Ahh, summer sales are great.

GZG and Critical Mass Games have very recently had a lovely little sale which has given me an opportunity to select some adversaries for my Harook.

From GZG I picked up two squads of New Israeli miniatures and a few starships, after all the Harook do need to get from planet to planet.

From Critical Mass to support the GZG troops, a squad of ARC Fleet Support Combat Walkers - got to give them a fighting chance!

First up, the first batch of NI Troopers:

Also their space bound forces, some NSL Frankfurt class escort cruisers:

For the Harook I wanted something slightly more avian looking so eventually settled on some ESU Kiang class light cruisers:

I really like the look of these ships, similar to Klingon designs from Star Trek but different enough that I can see them as Harook designed.

I've got one of the CMG Walkers built and undercoated but I'm still deciding on the paint scheme for it, very much doubt I'll have it done before next weekend though.

Thanks for having a look, comments welcome!


  1. Nice clean painting. I'm guessing you'rep lanning to do linked space and ground games?

    1. I am indeed - looking at Full Thrust for the space segment, might use a variation on Blasters & Bulkheads for the ground.

  2. I really like the GZG Israelis, need some proxy neo-soviet troops, can you recommend some really simple sci-fi rules?

    1. I've only tried out a few rulesets (most of them free ones) and the ones that I like are: Blasters & Bulkheads (the only one I've bought), In the Emperor's name and I've had a quick look at Stargrunt II.

      I've also heard good things about Tomorrow's War and 5150: Star Army over on the TMP forums but not played them myself.

      Blasters & Bulkheads is reasonably quick to pick up, not too expensive and relatively small scale - you can get a good gmae in with two forces of 15 minis for each opposing force (maybe even less - 10 or so. It does have a very Star Wars feel to it but you can leave the essence section out of it if needed.

      It might also be worthwhile having a look at the following post over on Dropship Horizon:

      Give you a nice breakdown of which rulesets are used for what size game etc.

      Another good resource for free games is:

      There's a very mixed bag on there though - some are very good, some are awful!

      Hope that helps a bit!