Saturday, 28 July 2012

Post-apocalyptic Blues... and Reds

Yet again, I get sidetracked and another project jumps into my head.

One of the things I find quite entertaining are webcomics.  There are a few brilliant ones out there, dealing with a range of weird and wonderful subjects, from RPG'ing the Star Wars films (Darths & Droids - through to dealing with the world in a bizarre post apocalyptic setting (Romantically Apocalyptic -

My personal favourite though, is Gone with the Blastwave (  Set who knows where, who knows when, it's the story of a band of soldiers fighting in a seemingly never ending war.  It's been going on for so long that they really don't seem to care about it, themselves or anything else.

You know what's coming next.  Feel free to shake me a bit and tell me to concentrate more.  I really should.

So, off I go looking for suitable miniatures, I end up buying some 15mm Command Decision WWII American infantry in greatcoats from Old Glory UK (I think these are true 15's as well, seem smaller than my GZG stuff):

Along with some 20mm laser-cut bases from Minibits (also picked up some dice at the same time...):

Wait for a few days, reasonable shipping and cost from both companies by the way, all of a sudden they both turn up.  Woohoo!

Now I didn't want to have the exact same look to mine that are in the comic, just similar enough that they wouldn't look too out of place (that and the fact I really couldn't be bothered to sculpt gasmasks for 50 15mm minis).

With that in mind, here are the first test minis:

The Blues:

The Reds:

Lastly, the group shot:

Hope you like them, now go check out some of those comics!

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