Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hello again and a slight change of scale for tonight's post: back to Battletech!

Whilst having a bit of a clear up, I came across the Battletech introductory boxed set from a few years ago (not the new one with the premium mech's, the one without) and decided to paint some of them up and repaint some of the rather lacking paint-jobs that they once had.

The mech's that come with the set are a bit hit or miss, some like the Quickdraw are pretty good whilst others like the Catapult are a bit soft on the detailing which is a shame.

When I initially bought the set I did pick up a few of the metal ones from Ral Partha Europe as well, some of which have been painted (badly) and some I've started to repaint - example a bit further down the page.

I decided to test paint a few different schemes and as I used to play Mechwarrior: Dark Age, I've gone with a few from that and also finished off a few mech's for a merc company.

So, first up the Mercenary test scheme:

Another shot of the Quickdraw:

A Zeus from the Stormhammer faction of MWDA:

Now the House Kurita battlemech test subjects:

Finally, one of the Ral Partha metals, my all-time favourite mech (introduced in MWDA), the Arbalest:

The paint scheme for the Arbalest is based entirely on the Dragon's Fury mech belonging to Danni Haag of the Ameterasu.

When I was actually playing MWDA, I took part in a local tournament using Danni as my main mech.  I played a game against a guy named Ian who was using a Ryoken II highlanders mech (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and had a fantastic back and forth fight that saw Danni eliminating the Ryoken, then being knocked into salvage in the very last attack of the game, unfortunately in Ian's deployment zone giving him the win.  Best game of MWDA that I ever had, even if I eventually lost!

Danni Haag has been a legend ever since!

Anyway, thanks for having a look, comments welcome!


  1. Glad I'm not the only one that had a blast with Dani Haag

  2. Nice paint, and good to see that games are still being played.

  3. Very nice. What paints did you use for the tan mercenaries?