Thursday, 16 August 2012

House Kurita Lance Part 1

Quick update, my second Battlemech for my Kurita lance has now been finished - a reseen Longbow, sorry for the quality of the pictures, didn't get around to taking them until daylight left me!

The Longbow:

The Arbalest:

Finally, both of them together (I think this shot shows the colours more accurately):

Next up for the lance will be a Thanatos (currently awaiting its arrival) and possibly a Thunderbolt.

Thanks for having a look, comments welcome!


  1. Nice paint job, red is always difficult to do.

  2. Thanks for the comments!

    I have to say that the new red paints from Games Workshop are so much better than the last ones - they actually paint over black, miracle!

    Only downer is that I'm down to my last few drops of Badab Black and the replacement might be a bit too thin for my liking...

  3. Ah House Kurita, my old enemies in the "Mechwarrior" video game. That's what you get for offering crap pay, suckers!

    Lovely wet-blood red on these mechs, they're very menacing.