Sunday, 19 August 2012

House Kurita Lance Part 2

Hello again and here we go with the last two members for my House Kurita lance.

First up is a Thanatos, I've been reliably informed that this is more of a Davion mech but to be honest what's a little bit of salvage between hated enemies?

That and the Thanatos is usually one of my go-to mech's in MW4 so had to put it in:

Final member of the lance is a Thunderbolt, one of the best miniatures in the Battletech line in my humble opinion, although building it is an absolute pain in the proverbial:

Here's a shot of them together:

Finally a couple of shots of the entire lance:

Thanks again for having a look and comments welcome!


  1. Ok, I am curious, what was your process for painting these guys?

    1. Sorry I haven't replied, haven't updated in quite some time!

      Black undercoat, GW Red, Black wash, GW Red again and then a lighter highlight which really hasn't come out on the photo.

      I'm actuallu going to repaint my other mech's shortly so will hopefully update soon!