Tuesday, 1 October 2013

UNA Frostbite Squad

Just a quick picture of the completed UNA squad:

I still hate painting white.

Now to find some Therian troops...

Monday, 30 September 2013

UNA Sniper

Quick update today, fuelled by yesterdays Therian attempt, a Sniper for my UNA Frostbite force:

The sniper:

Together with the other Frostbite troopers:

Think I've got a plan for the rest of the day!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rise of the Robots!

For use as either insane robots for my Paradroid game, or as AT-43 Frostbite Therians.

Nice little minis from GZG, arrived as quickly as always (almost within 24 hours of ordering!):

Little crab walker things:

And the first of the quad robots (still need to paint the other one):

Still have the normal crew type robots to paint up and then I'll be on the hunt for something to act as normal shock troops for the Therians, was thinking of Kremlin minis Zomborgs but the website says they're all oop for the moment.  Darn it.

Any suggestions for something appropriate?


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Stargate Jaffa miniatures are now painted and ready for use, see a few of them below.

All but one are the same scheme, the odd one out is the Prime or leader of the unit.

The basic colour scheme:

The Prime with two normal Jaffa:

 A shot of part of the unit:

Hope you like them!

Atlantis expedition...

A few GZG civilian techs painted up as members of the Atlantis team, two medical and two technical support:

Tried to keep to the colours shown on the show itself, with the technical teams in grey jumpsuits with a blue front and the medical in brown with a yellow front.

The other thing that differs between SG1 and Atlantis is that being a multi-national expedition, each of the team members has their countries' flag displayed on the left shoulder, which I've attempted to do here:

Hope you like them!

Saturday, 21 September 2013


My first stab at an SG team and a Prime Jaffa:

Finally a whole team shot:

Hope you like them!

U-Go Girl! 2...

Another Super post, an homage to Edie Sawyer, the original U-Go Girl:

Katie Sawyer, Edie's daughter from one of the X-Force books:

An adequate teleporter for my Supers game!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Man of Steel...

Khurasan Puritan as my final Super: The Man of Steel!

Just plain boltgun metal with a black wash to act as as an Iron Man alternative.

Statting out my supers at the moment, will have a test game later on to see how Super System 3 plays.

Hope you like it.

Puritans or Terminators

First batch of Khurasan Puritans as Terminators, no greenstuff or modifications - they're too nice for that!

Without further nonsense:

I've got another heavy weapon type to paint up, my other commander mini (the one with the little post on the shoulder) is going to be painted up as purely boltgun metal with a black wash for my supers game.

Also purchased were a set of the standard power armour guys for use as normal marines, that'll be today's project I think.

Oh, by the way, the red is a pain to photo - not all the colour variations are showing correctly, the first photo being most accurate, any suggestions on how to properly photograph red?


Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Picked up Super System 3 rules this week and decided to expand upon my single Super...

First up is a team of X-Statix type minis:

I repainted one of the Vadorian assassins as a test (hence the different base - which I will repaint at some point) and quite liked the scheme, shamelessly nabbed from a random superhero blog out there on t'interweb:

Followed up with a couple of GZG minis that I had laying around, these could also be used for other games as they are nicely generic:

Then a slightly greenstuffed villain - The Ragman, think of him as a cross between Darkman, Rorschach and the Scarecrow - hidden face which looks much better from a distance than this photo shows:

Last but not least a Brain-in-a-Jar type:

A quick group shot:

Hope you like them, gotta go work out some stats now!

His name is John Harrison...

Quick update, currently creating some dilemma characters for my 15mm Trek game; up first is a quick conversion of an Astro Explorer - John Harrison, Section 31 Operative:

Others are currently being worked on!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Last update for the Eldar until I pick up a few more Vadorians; a Howling Banshee (possibly an Exarch due to the weapon):

The main things that stick in my head for the Banshees are the big hair and close combat weapons for the Exarch; so that's what I've gone for - big hair, big pointy executioner type weapon.

I'll do a bit more research before I pick up any more minis for the Eldar but hopefully I'll make my mind up in a week or two.

Until then, hope you like it and any comments/feedback/constructive criticism welcome!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Guardian squad complete...

Quick update on the Guardians - they're done (until I get more):

The remaining members:

The squad leader:

The full squad:

A quick note - the kneeling Guardian on the end is to be used as an objective marker or something like that - no idea what else I could do with her!

Sorry about the lighting on the photos, left it a bit late for natural light.

Next up is my Howling Banshee, will leave that until tomorrow though...