Sunday, 13 January 2013

Quick update...

It's been a while since my last post, new job been keeping me a bit busy so everything else has taken a bit of a back step...

Hopefully that'll change soon though!

So, a quick summary of the things I've managed to get done in the last few months:

GZG vac-suited minis painted and finally done.

GZG Full-thrust Starships completed (for the Harook).

Harook finished.

Critical Mass Walker (jungle scheme) painted, still got two left to do of these, will paint one in a winter scheme and the last in an urban scheme.

Khurasan Seal's painted up for my AT-43 in 15mm project (more on that to come soon).

This mean that for now at least that the following projects are either complete or on hold pending new purchases:

Not-Star Wars (Blasters & Bulkheads)
Harook (Land and Space forces)

Upcoming projects:

AT-43 in 15mm (will post update for this later in the week).
Transformers wargame (update next post)...

Cheers for now!

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