Sunday, 13 January 2013


Being a child of the 80's, I grew up watching Transformers and reading the Transformers Comic (UK edition) and have been a lifelong fan of the series.

I'll be the first to admit that they've had some questionable series since the original - and by that I mean almost everything other than G1 although Prime seems to be shaping up quite nicely so far.

However, by far the best thing to hit Transformers over the last few years have been High Moon Studio's "War for Cybertron" and its follow up "Fall of Cybertron".  They are fantastic little games and have really got me back in the mood for gaming in the Transformers universe.

So, for this project I'll be writing my own ruleset to use, sourcing miniatures that can be used to represent both Robot and Alternate modes and creating a Cybertronian gaming area.

I'm staying away from canon characters, much prefer to invent my own for use (although with the character creation rules you would be able to make Starscream, Sunstreaker or any of the others).

I've already got a rough idea for the rules and how they'll work with regards to having two different forms for the characters, I'll probably post the odd snippet on here whenever I need a bit of advice or clarification.

For Robot mode miniatures, I've got one or two ZOD Mech's that will fit the bill and I've picked up a few Gundam 1/400 miniatures which are currently winging their way to me in the post - example below:

For Alternate modes, I'm a bit spoilt for choice.  Will be using anything ranging from ZOD fliers through to Mechwarrior vehicles to Hotwheels toys (some of which have a very Cybertronian feel to them):

I'm not too concerned with the scale, as long as I can get the Robot and Alternate painted in a matching scheme I can probably get away with it.

As for the gaming area, this is going to be the hardest to cover, there are so many possibilities that narrowing it down will be a bit of a struggle.

At the moment, the locations that I could do are:

Iacon - Autobot capital city, typical Cybertronian terrain, all metallic with lots of ramps and raised platforms.

Sea of Rust - no-man's land, lots of junk-strewn terrain, giant rusting robot heads etc, as close to a post-apocalyptic landscape as you can get in the TF universe.

Kalis - Necropolis, City of the Dead!  Run-down, deserted area of Cybertron with Zombie Transformers!

Ok, the last one may be stretching my abilities a bit... :-)

So, for now, that's the plan.

Will hopefully have an update for you soon (honestly!), in the meantime, go and read IDW's Transformers - The last stand of the Wreckers!  Highly entertaining, self-contained TF story with a high body-count!


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