Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dungeon Keeper...

A bit of a departure for me now, 15mm Fantasy!

I'm blaming this on two things, firstly me finding my copy of Heroquest and secondly re-playing Dungeon Keeper 2 a couple of times in the last week or so...

So, ordered a few miniatures from Magister Militum, 16 human men-at-arms and 16 Armoured Orcs.

The idea is to create a game that is the combination of the both of them.  Don't know how it's going to work yet as I've literally just thought of it.

Basics will be 3 Hero teams (Red, Blue, Yellow) with one lead character and 4 henchmen types each against the Evil Orc Empire!

I'm thinking the henchmen will have 1 hit point each and the main to have a few more (similar to the Space Marines in Space Crusade)...

Anyway, first test minis:

Yellow Hero:

Red Hero:


Evil Orc (or simply misunderstood):

I love the sculpts on the Orcs, full of character and quite hefty.  If anyone knows any good dungeon crawl rules let me know, save me writing my own!

Till later!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Strange new worlds...

Only one update today, some GZG light vac suits, painted as though they could be part of a Star Trek away team:

Security (Red shirts!):

Command (TOS) or Engineering (TNG):

Hmm... Star Trek in 15mm... I have a cunning plan...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

By your command...

On a roll today!

Some Galactica starships for your perusal now, a couple of original Battlestars mixed in with some from the new(est) series.

I've varied the drybrushing used on the Battlestars and one of the newer ones could do with another layer of it to finish it off but this is where they are at currently:

Original series Battlestars:

Some new style larger Basestars:

The Colonial Fleet:

Original Battlestar Vs a smaller new-style Basestar:

The Cylon Fleet:

There we have it, old and new - let the annihilation of the life-form known as man begin!

Hope you like them!

AT-43 in 15mm

Quick test paint for AT-43 Frostbite UNA troopers in 15mm (minis supplied by Khurasan):

I'm still struggling with white although at the moment I think I've got to a place that I'm happy with the process I've got for getting them to this stage.

It's basically a white undercoat (the GW base white - can't remember the name), a wash of black, currently my last few remaining drops of badab black soon to be grudgingly replaced with nuln oil, then re-paint the white over the top.

Another update on the way later today!


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

An update...

Just a quick one, my Transformers game is actually making progress, in order to keep things organised I'm keeping it in another blog:

Inaugural post to follow very shortly.

I'll still be updating this blog with anything else that I'm doing so without further ado, something different - Cardassian Keldon class starships:

I'm still not entirely sure if the paint scheme I've given them suits them, I've tried to keep it close to the micro machines scheme but with a bit more depth - let me know what you think.