Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dungeon Keeper...

A bit of a departure for me now, 15mm Fantasy!

I'm blaming this on two things, firstly me finding my copy of Heroquest and secondly re-playing Dungeon Keeper 2 a couple of times in the last week or so...

So, ordered a few miniatures from Magister Militum, 16 human men-at-arms and 16 Armoured Orcs.

The idea is to create a game that is the combination of the both of them.  Don't know how it's going to work yet as I've literally just thought of it.

Basics will be 3 Hero teams (Red, Blue, Yellow) with one lead character and 4 henchmen types each against the Evil Orc Empire!

I'm thinking the henchmen will have 1 hit point each and the main to have a few more (similar to the Space Marines in Space Crusade)...

Anyway, first test minis:

Yellow Hero:

Red Hero:


Evil Orc (or simply misunderstood):

I love the sculpts on the Orcs, full of character and quite hefty.  If anyone knows any good dungeon crawl rules let me know, save me writing my own!

Till later!


  1. Nice painting. And let the creative juices flow.

    1. I'm a bit confused as to what I can do to the henchmen to liven them up a bit, the plain metal looks a bit bland... any ideas?

    2. Maybe for the henchmen you could paint the pauldrons (or another part of the armour) in the Hero's colour?

      For rules, you could do worse than Song of Blades and Heroes.

    3. Hmm. Might give that a try, or the chest/backplate... will try both see how they look & will also check out these Song rules of which you speak, cheers Tamsin!

  2. Well, they ARE just henchmen. Disposable axe fodder, really. But yeah a small colour accent would make them more interesting. A shoulder pad would be perfect.

    1. I second both TamsinP and Mr. M's ideas.