Saturday, 7 September 2013


Last update for the Eldar until I pick up a few more Vadorians; a Howling Banshee (possibly an Exarch due to the weapon):

The main things that stick in my head for the Banshees are the big hair and close combat weapons for the Exarch; so that's what I've gone for - big hair, big pointy executioner type weapon.

I'll do a bit more research before I pick up any more minis for the Eldar but hopefully I'll make my mind up in a week or two.

Until then, hope you like it and any comments/feedback/constructive criticism welcome!


  1. Cool, great work on the conversion, not sure about the colour though.

    1. Colour comes from sticking (albeit rather loosely) to the Howling Banshee scheme. Mights add a sash around the waist to add a bit of colour to it... Does look a little bland as is.

    2. Never mind me, I was think turquoise for swooping hawks,, getting my aspects wrong, colours pretty good I think.

    3. Have to make wings for them guys! Was thinking of trying a Striking Scorpion or Fire Dragon next, but my Khurasan order just turned up this morning... not Space Marines & Termies! Now just need to decide on a chapter for them...

  2. Very nice and I like the colour a lot, I've always liked desert eldar, they kind of make me think of Vulkans and there home planet Vulkan.
    Keep it up !