Friday, 6 September 2013

Guardian squad complete...

Quick update on the Guardians - they're done (until I get more):

The remaining members:

The squad leader:

The full squad:

A quick note - the kneeling Guardian on the end is to be used as an objective marker or something like that - no idea what else I could do with her!

Sorry about the lighting on the photos, left it a bit late for natural light.

Next up is my Howling Banshee, will leave that until tomorrow though...


  1. Not to bad, any plans on Aspect warriors? I know you think your green stuff skills aren't good enough to do more converting towards better Eldar, however, I think you are better then you realise, and should try and push the envelope further each time.

    1. Well I've tried a Howling Banshee so that'll be going up tomorrow after I take a tidy picture, I'll be interested to know what you think and thanks for the little confidence boost Dan!