Friday, 13 September 2013

Puritans or Terminators

First batch of Khurasan Puritans as Terminators, no greenstuff or modifications - they're too nice for that!

Without further nonsense:

I've got another heavy weapon type to paint up, my other commander mini (the one with the little post on the shoulder) is going to be painted up as purely boltgun metal with a black wash for my supers game.

Also purchased were a set of the standard power armour guys for use as normal marines, that'll be today's project I think.

Oh, by the way, the red is a pain to photo - not all the colour variations are showing correctly, the first photo being most accurate, any suggestions on how to properly photograph red?



  1. Your backdrop is most likely altering the red levels on a digital photo. Try taking the shots again with a plain white, light blue and mint green backing. One of those will give true colour for your photos.

    Lovely work also!


    1. Cheers Gavin, I'll give that a shot when the next batch are done!

  2. Cool minis and nice paintjob!

  3. I'm waiting for my puritans to arrive, I have a bit of a dilemma, I used GZG 25mm NAC figures as the base of the conversions for my first unit of 15mm Terminators, and hey came out brilliantly, but i feel they are just a little to big, they are also expensive and take a lot of work to convert, I think the puritans could be converted to be nearly perfect Terminators, more easily and they are cheaper, and have much better poses, but they won't fit my first unit, maybe I will use GZG figs for my blood angels and start a new chapter with the Puritans, maybe imperial fists, they would look good in yellow.

    1. Dan, the first unit of Termies look spot on for WH40K ones but I have to be honest the Puritans are awesome little figs, they look even better in person.

      I'm sure with your converting skills you can get them to look almost exactly like 40k minis without too much difficulty.

      The price is just a bonus, next pay day I'm definitely ordering some more of these guys.

      I almost went of Imperial Fists myself (fave chapter) but my yellow painting skills are a bit lacking...