Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rise of the Robots!

For use as either insane robots for my Paradroid game, or as AT-43 Frostbite Therians.

Nice little minis from GZG, arrived as quickly as always (almost within 24 hours of ordering!):

Little crab walker things:

And the first of the quad robots (still need to paint the other one):

Still have the normal crew type robots to paint up and then I'll be on the hunt for something to act as normal shock troops for the Therians, was thinking of Kremlin minis Zomborgs but the website says they're all oop for the moment.  Darn it.

Any suggestions for something appropriate?



  1. Are the little ones going to be Arachnids or Hecats? and the big ones Golgoths?

    1. Not sure yet, bought them initially for Paradroid then thought Therian... Will give the Therian book a little read through again I think :-)