Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Picked up Super System 3 rules this week and decided to expand upon my single Super...

First up is a team of X-Statix type minis:

I repainted one of the Vadorian assassins as a test (hence the different base - which I will repaint at some point) and quite liked the scheme, shamelessly nabbed from a random superhero blog out there on t'interweb:

Followed up with a couple of GZG minis that I had laying around, these could also be used for other games as they are nicely generic:

Then a slightly greenstuffed villain - The Ragman, think of him as a cross between Darkman, Rorschach and the Scarecrow - hidden face which looks much better from a distance than this photo shows:

Last but not least a Brain-in-a-Jar type:

A quick group shot:

Hope you like them, gotta go work out some stats now!


  1. I'm not familiar with the rules system, but I surely do like the figures!

  2. I love Supers in 15mm. Good job.